#6 Take Time to Reflect


Nick "The Patriot" Janowitz talks about finding time to reflect on your life, accomplishments and the impact you have on others.  Topics and people of interest include 2nd Liutenant Kyle Lampeter, Capt. Kyle VanDeGiesen, Duffy family and former Governor Eric Greitens.  

#5 The Power of Visualization


Nick "The Patriot" Janowitz talks about the power of visualization and how to use it in order to accomplish your goals.  

#4 School Shootings in America


Nick "The Patriot" Janowitz talks about school shootings in America with guests  Carina Kanzler (York H.S. Senior) and her mother Margaret Chittaro.   Topics of discussion include Gun Control, 2nd Amendment, arming teachers and course of action.    

#3 The National Anthem in Sports with Otto Clark


Nick "The Patriot" Janowitz and Otto Clark talk about the National Anthem and if it should be in sports.  They also talk about topics such as slavery, racism, Colin Kaepernick and Patriotism.  

Taking Punches Episode #2 Fitness Trends with Ryan Kavanaugh


Episode 2 talks about fitness and health trends with Fitness Guru Ryan Kavanaugh.  Diet trends (Gluten, Intermittent Fasting, Ketosis), Crossfit, MAT.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt Otto Clark


Nick The Patriot and Otto Clark talk fighting.

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